my journey and dreams

Wild Medicina has been created from my own journey back to feeling whole in my body and my being. 

I share the practices that reconnected me and inspired me to seek deeper connection with my body, life and divinity. 

Visiting India when I was 19 was such a strong activation for me. Although I had practiced yoga here and there before it was from this point on that I began to understand and embody its teachings for not just my body but my heart mind, spirit and life. Yoga was what helped me start to learn from my suffering, the muck and pain of my disconnection.

Yoga was the doorway to connection and since beginning to share the practice I have again and again been opened to more love and more of my true-self. The path I am weaving has brought me to meditation, dance, song, devotion, earth medicines, womb work, ceremony and cyclical living.

Reconnection with my own body, the body of the earth, our mother earth, my blood mother and the divine mother has called me to be in service to women and the womb. We are wild, intuitive, raw, loving, creative, free and deeply connected to spirit in our very nature. It is my prayer that every woman knows this and embodies this. It is my journey to serve and share and inspire and support.



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