~inner child, innocence~ 
sweet one
i se

Life is Art


beat of the drum

beat of the drum she's been calling me back

heartbeat of a wild one from the start

whispers of my sisters who walked before

calling me back unto these ancient shores

beat of the waves as they crash on the land

beat so loud crying take my hand

your ebb and your flow is how you must go

you're seeding ht future so go out and sow

sow from the wisdom deep in your womb

there's new life to come she's birthing through you

sow from your heart your dreams of unity

the earth is shaking people may we rise up in peace

sow from your passion what lights up your soul

the time is here for as all to glow

alight with the flame of our dreaming that burns

we are the force for this wheel to turn

beat of the earth I hear her loud and clear

beat of my heart pounding no need to fear

cries of the ones we lost to the flames

I stand in my power to honour their names

beat of your body guiding the way

trusting in the unman the womens way

weaving our medicine to bless these days

it was our grandmothers mothers who showed us the way

beat of the wild she knows our names

dancing to our beat we cannot be shamed

beat so strong its rousing everyone

we're waking we're coming home let it be known

the weave of this cloth is coming undone

the threads unraveling one by one

and from the same thread a new earth is sewn

i see my sisters rising we are never alone

we sang for this moment prayed for this day

call on your blood to show you the way

blood of your womb, blood of your bones

as a wild one stirs another stick is undone

timelines are changing and cycles are breaking 

in the void of this moment a new world we are making

weave to the beat of the wild within

being a woman was never a sin

rouse, rise, reach its our time to fly

take rest and root its our time to stand by

to hear the beat of our wisdoms from the past

sung back to us restoring peace at last

beat rising up nobody can stop

hear her primal roar from seas to mountain tops

beat of the woman beat of all life

beat of your body play it with pride

beat of the earth shes calling us again

beat of her heart of love that never ends

beat of a war drum that heralds in peace

no sides to choose just our bright future to seed

beat of the drum she's calling us back

beat of our hearts wild from the start

beat of the earth loud and clear

beat rising up for us all to hear


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