sit in ceremony with kambo

is kambo calling you?


Kambo completely re-aligns your entire system. In 20-40 minutes your body is purged of toxins from a cellular level, boosting your immune system, energy and clarity. Often you will feel motivated to and clear on how to stay clean and healthy as you experience this new vitality.  Long held emotional toxins are also released. Giving you new space to experience life; feeling more calm, present and connected having released the heavy load of past experience. The heart is cleansed, reconnecting you to the beauty of life. The spirit is uplifted that you know your highest self.

what to expect

the dried medicine is mixed with water to make small doses of the medicine (points).

the top layer of skin is blistered and removed to expose the lymph tissue beneath (gates). there is no blood or pain. 

points of kambo are placed on the gates. kambo enters the body through the lymphatic system.

An initial test point is applied to understand each person's sensitivity to the medicine. You will feel the effects quite quickly as kambo scans the body locating where cleansing is needed.

With a full dose applied, the first 5 minutes can be the most intense. Kambo increases the heart rate and blood pressure, so pounding in the chest upper body, throat and head is normal. Gentle swelling in the throat and face can also occur depending on th elevel of toxins in the body (the throat will not close). 

Feeling overwhelmed and faint are also normal. At this time you may also feel euphoric as you experience your qi/prana or life force energy circulating. Tingling and numbness in the hands and feet can also happen as you start to release excess energy. 

Kambo is a cleansing and purgative medicine meaning mostly all clients will vomit, some evacuate and urinate. Purging can also come in the form of burning, hiccuping, yawning, shaking and emotional release. You will have a bucket and bathroom nearby and I will be there to hold you with great care; safely and strongly through your process.

This initial process can take anywhere between 20-40 minutes but this is really just the beginning of your healing.  

Some will really need to rest, feeling quite drained and fragile, others may feel immediately uplifted and full of energy. I encourage a rest period as in this time you will often receive downloads and inspiration about living a more healthy and aligned life or important messages for the next chapter. 

Normally within one hour you will start to harmonize and feel ready to eat and drink again. After 24 hours you it's great to start to notice potential shifts. 

Please honour this work and yourself by following the post Kambo care guidelines


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