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Mama Cacao

Theobroma Cacao ~ food of the Gods 

Ceremonial Cacao from the Ashaninka tribe in Peru


Ceremonial Cacao is organic and raw cacao that has been processed to retain all of the health giving properties in the theobroma cacao beans....much of this is lost when cacao is made into the chocolate we have come to know in the west. 

Ceremonial cacao has also be handled with deep reverence and gratitude from bean to your cup. The people that grow this food, truly know her as medicine and a gift to humanity. They sing to her and harvest her by the lunar cycles. They tend her with gentleness and affection. They speak of a prophecy that the spirit of cacao will weave her way all over the world in a time when earths children have forgotten themselves and live in separation from their true essence, love, in separation from each other, in war and hatred and from the earth, destroying their mother and home. The prophecies say she will make her way into every home and heart to awaken remembrance and reconnect the people to their hearts. 

I share cacao in ceremony and in 1-on-1 immersions from a place of reverance and gratitude, to my teachers, the people and places who grow her and the plant herself. She can evoke deep healing, cleansing, connection and expansion. Opening our hearts to the great mystery, our bodies to their juicy sensitivity, creativity & profound intelligence, our expression to its truth and power. 

Please contact me about serving this cacao in your ceremonies. I offer wholesale amounts & prices to practitioners/retreats & shops. Fast shipping globally. 


For your ceremony 

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