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W I L D  M E D I C I N A
C A C A O   R I T U A L   &   R E C I P E S

Dosage ~ 20-30g care

                40g ritual

cacao invocation Isayaka
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100-150ml water

100-150ml plant mylk

heat the liquid in a saucepan until hot but not to boil

shave or grate your desired serving of cacao & add to the hot liquid

whisk until melted and blended through 

add spices & sweetener to the hot liquid... if you choose ~ the drink is delicious stand alone or with JUST a pinch of sea salt too

my favourites

blue lotus, (brew in liquid & remove before stirring in cacao), vanilla, honey 

rose, orange blossom, cayenne, cinnamon, sea salt

cayenne, ginger, cinnamon, sea salt

cardamom, lavendar, sea salt

rasberry, dates (blend in mylk), sea salt

give your presence, add your thanks, prayers & intentions, she loves to be sang to

your reverence & gratitude is your way of being in AYNI || reciprocity || with the plant, her spirit, the Earth & the lands, the hearts & hands that have brought the medicine to you 

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