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C E R E M O N I A L  C A C A O

food of the gOds

Theobroma Cacao is chocolate in its purest form. A medicine and treasure known by the ancients as food of the Gods.

Cacao empowers and energises the body, calms and clears the mind, opens the heart & has the capacity to help us access healing & transformation through changing our physiology, brain chemistry & opening us to mystical experience. 

A delicious, deep and earthy drink of pure Mother Nature's nectar.

In ancient times Cacao was used in ritual magic to evoke the power of the gOds & was worth more than gold to trade by the civilisations who knew her as an ally & a medicine.


They spoke of a prophecy that the spirit of cacao would weave her way all over the world in a time when earths children had forgotten themselves and were living in separation from their true essence, Love, in separation from each other, in war and hatred and from the Earth, destroying their Mother and home. The prophecies say she will make her way into every home and heart to awaken remembrance of divine truth.


 I believe we are living that prophecy now as we birth the New Earth, Cacao has come to be our ally to awaken our hearts to our truth, to help us heal & walk in right relationship with self, each other & our Mother Earth. 

In sharing this medicine I have promised to honour her lands, lineages & ancestors.

cacao ceremony

Find out more about the roots & sources of the Cacao I am currently working with & offering in this community.

Wild Medicina Ceremonial Cacao

I walk with the spirit of this medicine in deepest humility & gratitude that she has found her way into my heart in this life & awoken me to be a steward of her grace. 

I share cacao from the lands, communities & hearts of people I have met on my pilgrimage through this life.

I can say I have touched the soils this cacao has come from, offered my blood to the roots there, watched farmers tend the crops, sat in silent awe and tender ancestral grief of the communities flowing with the way of life amidst the plants, know the hearts pf the people that curate cacao from the beans & truly say I believe in their prayer for their work with the medicine & their prayer for the Earth.

In this time where the chocolate & cacao trade are both increasing in an exractive nature I feel blessed to be able to offer you a resource that is clean from root, to bean, to your cup. 

With gratitude and reverence

Isayaka xxx

Ceremonial cacao is the purest form of chocolate. It is the raw paste ground from fermented Theobroma Cacao beans which still contains cacao butter & all the nutritional value & medicinal benefits of the superfood plant. All of this is lost in the intense processing the raw form undergoes to produce the chocolate we know in the west. 

Ceremonial cacao has also be handled with deep reverence and gratitude from bean to your cup. The people that grow this food, truly know her as a medicine and a gift to humanity. They tend their land & plants with gentleness, gratitude and affection. They still know & live in reciprocity & commune with the Earth & all her medicines.

Working with ceremonial cacao regularly is soothing for our nervous system, healing for our bodies & psyches & illuminating for our spiritual journey & life path. The medicine can boost our immunity, reduce inflammation & our risk of heart disease. She boosts our mood & clears our mind helping us drop into the peaceful temple of our being. Another active compound found in the medicine is Anandamide or the bliss molecule, Ananda meaning bliss in Sanskrit ~ the bliss that comes from ending the rebirth cycle & karma. I believe one of the transmissions of the Spirit of Cacao is that we get to feel bliss in this body, through this body, in this life through this life. And we get to end cycles of karma & suffering through our devotional meditations, prayer, practices & healing. Through our embodiment. 

I believe this medicine has the capacity to help us open our hearts not only to our deep pain to transform it & help us live in more of our truth but also to open to our true natural gifts, embodied codes, sacred purpose & the why that inspires us to be in the outpouring of our creative passions. Cacao activates within us how we will be the hands & voices of the New Earth. I also believe she is expanding our telepathic capacity, the gift of the Aquarian age so that we my speak heart to heart as a global tribe of rainbow warriors rising in service to the Earth. We are Warriors of the Open Heart. 

Thank-you for being here, thank-you for resonating with being the living prayer & prophecy. My wish for you is this medicine empowers you to keep walking as a peacemaker in this life, knowing you are the love you seek, the change we need & the blessing power for humanity. 

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