an earth medicine for the soul

kambo is a traditional medicine from the amazon jungle. it is the secretion of the phyllomedusa bicolor frog. 

the medicine works as a purgative to cleanse the body of toxins, the build up of which lead to dis-ease. in this tradition of medicine we see all physical, mental and emotional illness as having an energetic/spiritual root. kambo targets that root. kambo helps us learn the lessons dis-ease is trying to teach us.

in the jungles of the amazon where kambo originates, hunters of the indigenous tribes call on the medicine to strengthen their bodies and minds before the hunt, to decrease their appetite and need for sleep, to sharpen their senses and to connect them more deeply with the spirit of the forest (the intelligence that moves their world). kambo is also used to remove 'panema' - bad spirits, which we would call heavy energies and could manifest as depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. the women of the tribes also use kambo in their women's work, although much of this work is deeply sacred and the wisdom has for now not ventured out into our understanding of working with the medicine.  

in the west kambo is being used in many ways. the list is long and varied.

  • as a deep cleanse and re-set

  •  a bridge for crossing into new chapters of ones life,

  • to overcome blocks and blockages in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual matters,

  • to boost vitality, clarity and focus

  • to help face and heal emotional trauma

  • to shift heavy energies and find more zest for life

  • cure addiction

  • open the heart

  • align to true self, attracting people and opportunities in higher resonance

  • understand and release the underlying causes of many mental, emotional issue​

outside of the Amazon, Kambo has been the subject of more than two decades of scientific research. Researchers believe that the secretion could open up a new world of treatments for:

  •  Chronic pain and inflammation

  •  Mood disorders such as depression and anxiety

  •  Digestive disorders

  •  Heavy metal poisoning and mould

  •  Lyme’s Disease and co-infections

  •  Herpes and Epstein Barr Virus, STDs

  •  Corona Virus and the flu

  •  Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases

  •  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Epstein Barr Virus

  •  Addictions

  •  Endocrine disorders

  •  Certain cancers

  •  Thyroid dis-ease

  •  Alzheimer’s, fertility, diabetes, arthritis and more​


an earth medicine for the soul


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