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Kambo Day Retreat 

25th October, Mount Rose near Truro, Cornwall

A day retreat close to the wild seas of Holywell Beach

A day of tribal connection & celebration on the land

Day retreat includes

Sananga meditation

Kambo ceremony

Sound bath integration 

Shared meal by the fire

Sharing circle

Optional Swim at Holywell Beach

Option to camp overnight on the land 

earth mandala art

Monthly new moon circles harnessing the energy of this time of renewal to make little & massive shifts in our bodies & lives through the potent medicine of Kambo.  

The cellular level cleanse from Kambo has the capacity to remove toxins from the body that cannot be released through regular cellular cleaning processes. The build up of these toxins can be thought of as a build up of thought patterns, behaviours, reactionary processes etc that has become embedded in the body & continue to have huge effects on our life. The cleanse of Kambo leaves us with a new clarity & a metaphysical blank slate to move forwards with our intentions & prayers from a new space of lucidity. 

Read more about the benefits & uses of kambo here  

Sharing the medicine in community is so beautiful, we celebrate & empower each others warrior energy & witness with eyes of pure love & compassion the vastness of the human experience. The reflections we get to witness truly open our hearts to this life.


Ellie & Liam are our incredible chefs for the retreat, they remind me how much love is available to us through our connection with Gaia, our Mother Earth...the abundance we feel when we learn to slow down, be with her, watch & live by her seasons, tend her fertile soils & the miracle of life that is food & family. I love the love & land based project they are manifesting together. Thanks for your prayer beauties. 

Understanding food as the spearhead for health, Ellie and Liam create seasonally inspired nourishing meals using organic produce grown by their own hand, or their organic neighbours 2 miles away. They believe the slow and intentional process of growing, harvesting, preparing and enjoying communal meals around the fire brings us into a state of rest and receivership. Full bellies and full hearts. 


We’ll enjoy a nourishing communal meal to ground after receiving the medicine, all your dietary requirements can be catered to...much of our menu will be plant based. 

Helen has & is creating heaven on Earth on her peace of land at Little Chi on Mount Rose. With a template of reverence & devotion for the Earth the and & live, her vision is to build gardens, labyrinths & spaces for people to connect with themselves & themselves as part of the whole. This vision is called Wild Reverence & is in its dreaming phase at the moment. The land is already home to some spaces built in ceremony for ceremony. One of which, the roundhouse or womb is where we will be making our prayer with Kambo. 

Sliding scale pricing £155-£188

Payment plans available

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