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Holistic bodywork with trauma informed somatic practitioner Isayaka. A devotional space to recalibrate the body/mind/heart/being. 

A 2 hour session includes consultation, herbal tea, meditation, lomilomi massage, energy healing, sound bath & time to rest/begin to integrate. 


Lomilomi is an oil based massage & healing technique from Hawaii, using long continuous strokes, it is gentle but deep, working to release patterns of tension in the body, that in turn unravels mental, emotional blockages.


The process reminds the body of its natural state of harmony, I feel it to be a transmission of the waters & an extension of the Ho'oponopono prayer, again from our Hawaii'an ancestors, that harmonizes the inner waters. An opportunity to remember on a cellular level our true state of being, like the waters, harmonious, pure & flowing in crystal clarity. 

Receive in the woodfire heated roundhouse space in Mount, Rose ... between Newquay & Truro.


L O M I L O M I 

S A C R E D  B O D Y W O R K

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