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music is medicine

Music has brought me into the deepest remembrance thus far in this life.

Through ceremony I remembered the power of the songlines, the wisdom that is carried in ancient mantras & chants from many traditions, the rich medicine carried in the fibre of the words & intonation that travels through time & space. They carry truths, healing, expansion & connection.

Through my own voice I remembered my vessel is here in service to the divine & that my voice is a tool of beauty & truth, that I can connect to the truth in many things through my voice & expression, to the earth, the leylines, the energy moving in plants & people, the elements, divinity, my own bliss. .


I offer my heart songs & songs from many wisdom traditions I have learned through my work as a ceremonial singer in service to bringing the beauty way to events, retreats, festivals and ceremonies. If you would like to invite me to your event please reach out, I would love to connect with you. I love sharing my joy & passion as part of your offering, weaving the medicine of music into the rich tapestry of magic you create through your own prayer. 

I am also undertaking training through the college of sound healing in sound healing with the voice & hope to be offering this modality by 2023.

I am currently researching & raising funds to record my first album of power chants & songs that I have received whilst walking this beauty way. 

Join our next circle every 2nd Thursday at Newquay Orchard
Music is Medicine
Cacao & Singing Circles

Through singing in circle I remembered our one-ess & our tribal roots. The healing experienced when we sing together, our hearts beat together & we feel in our bodies the inter-connectedness of all things, all beings. We merge. I remembered times when we all sat around the fires praying for peace as one family. I am dreaming that remembrance into being once again through my offerings


I share the medicine of the songs & singing in community regularly in Cornwall through my Music is Medicine events at The Newquay Orchard. We work with the medicine or organic ceremonial grade Cacao to help us drop out of our minds into our hearts & open the channel of our voice & expressions. I teach voice connection & activation practices & share simple songs that we can join our voices as one to create powerful emanations of the songlines, mantras & invocations that the songs are. 

I am currently undertaking training that will enable me to offer this space on prescription through the nhs. Watch this space. Register your interest here

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