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This is how we pray

The spaces I am holding and prayers I am making

For us all, for the Earth, for me

Please reach out if you want to connect & learn more about any of my offerings


In love & devotion



We all carry medicine & a unique beauty in the way we love to pray. I love to bring my prayer to retreats & gatherings through music, song sharing, sound healing, cacao & building earth altars & mandalas. 

These ways of ushering in the sacred are beautiful & juicy touches to any event you are planning & I would be overjoyed to weave with you through your offering.

I am a multi instrumentalist, qualified sound healing practitioner & devoted ceremonialist. I have been learning & walking the beauty way, carrying songs & holding space through music for the last 4 years in deep trauma healing retreats. It is my wish to bring music as medicine to many spaces & events.

Please contact me about inviting me to your next event to share my medicine, to see examples of my work & feel if we have a resonance.

Music is Medicine
Cacao & Singing Circle

Cacao opens our heart, our voices & our remembrance. This space is such a celebration of the exquisite technology of our bodies & voices, our human instrument.


Learn techniques to help you tune your instrument & open your channel, mantras - ancient codes for connection & expansion & Earth songs that celebrate this life, the land & community.


When we sing together, our hearts beat together, we drop into ourselves and into a deeper intimacy with self each other & all of life. Rested in the heart, out of the mind & out of the chaos of this world for a moment to remember our truth & the peace & connection that is our natural state of being. 


Embodied yoga inspired by the spiral patterns of nature. Informed by traditional yoga, somatics, trauma informed holding, tcm, breathwork, poetry, music & the elements.

Weekly classes in Newquay & online

Plant Spirit Guidance

A gentle space to be guided by the plants that long to teach us & bring us their healing

Online consultation & meditation on your current physical/mental/emotional process with prescribed plant allies to aid you.

I work with yoni steam, tea blends, tincture & oils. All Wild harvested & organic, made in love & devotion...with deep gratitude & prayer for our remembrance of health on every level. 

6 week 1-on-1 Womb Awakening
online container

When I listen to the voice in my womb I hear a beauty prayer - Marya Stark

Our creative space is a beauty prayer, our nature is harmony, is peace, is love, is connection, is pleasure. And yet there can be so much distortion from this world, our conditioning, our experiences, our ancestral stories. 

This container is a space to remember your truth, to touch to the place beyond the false memories that have you believe you are anything less than a walking breathing miracle of beauty & abundance. 

A unique journey to guide you gently home. I walk as a sister, a mirror of your beauty and a guide sharing wisdom practices, healings, insight & support.

In love & devotion as ever to this earth shaking feminine awakening. 

Weekly calls ~ Starting May

Goddess Gatherings

In prayer with my dear sister Lara Claringbold...we weave these spaces of ceremony & ritual in devotion to the womb, the sisterhood & the Great Mother.

Inspired by the spiral path of embodied living & healing as radical bleeders of this time we offer this space to share practices that have been of great healing & remembrance to us.

Cedar Prayers & Birth Grounding Ceremony

Mama Cedar inspired us to gather the womben & make prayers round the fire for the good of all life, in our ancestral remembrance of connection to spirit & earth.

cedar holds the essence & wise council of our ancestors who guide our hearts & lift our prayers. They make us wise & remind us of our duty to be the good ancestors for the future generations...making prayers & decisions for the children. We will sit in the cedar grove & offer cedar to GrandFather fire as we share our prayers with our sisters, prayers for our bodies, our lives, our families, communities & the earth ~ knowing the prayers we make are our prayers for all of life.

We have also been guided us to share the practice of Grounding our Birth. A ritual burial of a stone that symbolises our placenta. When we were still wise & lived with & by the earth and the feminine way, all Mothers would bury their childs' placenta to let the Earth know their child, that the Earth could guide that child through their life to their fullest becoming of their purpose in service to the one & all. Our disconnect from ourselves, our truth & our interconnectedness started here, when we were not met & bonded with the Earth as new borns. This ritual has the potential for massive healing & transformation. To trust again in the guidance of your heart knowing that it is the guidance of the great Mother who knows you, feels you, hears you, sees you and loves you in every moment. 

We cant wait to pray with you sisters. It's going to be beautiful, deep, expansive & totally transformational. We love you. 

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