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PRE-ORDER of new stock & line from Mexico!! Limited availability. New prayers. Deep love. Support the vision of a global sisterhood. Expected for delivery by mid Oct 2023. 


This cacao is criollo meaning native to the jungles of Lacandon in Chiapas, Mexico.


This jungle is wild & almost pristine, there are only few communities living in this area. It was once completely wild. The communites that do live here & have established plantations & a way of life here mostly walked here on foot around 50 years ago. They walked here to start a new life after being displaced from more traditionally rooted but integrated indigenous communities. They were seeking their indigneous roots.


The raw cacao beans come from a small family run plantation deep in the heart of the Lacandon jungle. The family live literally within the trees, which they have planted between ancient ceiba trees (the meixcan mythic tree of life) & also grow organic spices  The beans are dried and fermenated here on the land. 


The cacao paste is curated by Jangala ... JANGALA means that which is not known...who began in 2017 to preserve the soul of cacao in Mexico, they work  with land tenders who live & breath with the jungle to help protect their rights as famers & also provide education & support that enables them to continue to be stewards & guardians of their lands ~ which they are preserving through a natural way of living that honours the web of life & is in deep reciprocity with the Earth.  


5% of profits will support womens work in these communities that I will be sharing more about in the coming weeks. 

Ceremonial Cacao ~ Selva Lacandona ~ Chiapas Mexico

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