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Calling a coven of 13 womben to circle round and make this prayer in sisterhood, to witness, hold & support each other to walk one cycle of conscious rebirth through the process of self-initiation. 


RITES is a space of remembrance & reclamation of the pre-colonised initiatory processes we would undertake as sovereign people of the Earth to embody the power of being human in right relationship.


This work can serve to heal many shattered parts of our psyche as women raised under patriarchal structures of lack, suppresion, oppresion & seperation. And reground us in the truth of our being & the absolute beauty of walking in a wombans body in these times. I so belive our feminine medicine to be the healing balm for these times of late stage capitalism, depletion, despair & chaos. We are the medicine.


Including 6 weeks of ceremonial cacao to work with in our online ceremonies. 

RITES group container wed 13th sept-wed 18th oct

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