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6 week 1:2:1 online container
initiating womben deeper into our wombs wisdom


This container is a journey through the archetypes of wombanhood in which you will receive the rites of initiation that have been buried & forgotten through centuries of patriarchal tyranny.

The intention of this space is that we remember the rites of passage that would have initiated us into being healthy adults, living in harmony with self, each other & the Earth. From this harmony we birth paradigms of matrifocal culture focused on nourishing womben...this ancient template places the children at the centre & so wombens voices were respected as channels of pure love in service to the children; bodies respected as temples of pure wisdom living in deep embodied connection with the cycles of nature & the Earth.

Many of us are waking up to the knowing that we live in a paradigm of lies & slavery & feel a great call to re-wild ourselves ~ our bodies & psyches. This container is an invitation to be held through one spiral of rebirthing yourself & your reality, to be an ally to the Earth in her birthing hour.

I walk with strong allies & have faced many of these initiations through deep & dangerous shadow reflections...I bring these initiations into the light & hold this prayer in safety & respect to all life, so that more of us may walk more embodied in our sovereignty, power & love.

This space is deep, profound & transformational.

We will work with plant & fungi allies as well as embodiment practices, meditation, energy healing, rites of passage ceremonies & rituals, daily practices tailored to your process. 

The structure

WEEK 1 Opening the Portal ~ Meeting your womb & intention, charting the menstrual cycle

WEEK 2 Crone ~ Ancestral healing & grounding your birth

WEEK 3 Maiden ~ Reclaiming Menarche & erotic innocence

WEEK 4 Mother ~ Pleasure & Forgiveness

WEEK 5 Maga ~ Reclaiming Power & Voice, Sexual Sovereignty

WEEK 6 Closing the Portal ~ Closing & Grounding, Visioning

Calling to all sisters feeling so ready to dive deep, shed some layers & embody more of the truth you feel in your bodiy. She is calling you. My promise is to see you, love you & remind you of your power as we navigate your unique journey, to stand with you as an ally & guide as you rebirth yourself. You can find out more by booking a call or emailing me. 

Exchange £888, payable in full, 3 monthly instalments of £296 or 6 monthly instalments of £148

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