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dancing the spiral path together coming home to you

When we descend to contact our womb, we rise rooted.


Sisters, Mamas we are awakening after many cycles of being locked out of our health, wealth, power & peace by false memories, conditioning and internalised systems of oppression. We are rising together to walk peace onto this earth. 

It is radical women who are ready to reach down and into themselves, clear these old stories and remember their truth that are birthing this new paradigm of peace and harmony on Earth. We are the saviours we have been looking for in our lives, families, communities and on this Earth. I truly believe we are the leaders, teachers, healers, seers....we birth, it is what we do. Let's birth this new paradigm together.

I offer a 6 week 1-2-1 container to hold you through your personal descent down and in to your own mystery, to learn from the greatest teacher, your womb. Weaving the wisdom of the cycles, self-reflection, embodiment practices, womb healing & awakening & holding a mirror of sovereignty for you to remember & embody you deepest truth. 

Sliding scale investment £288 - 333 (payment plan available)

womens circle

As the holding is so unique and flows with your process and what becomes present in the space, I'll just share the bare bones of what we will dive into. 


Mama Cacao will be our gracious plant ally throughout.


Week 1 ~ Opening ceremony, opening space & container, intention deep dive & share, meditation.


Week 2 ~ Crone, womb clearing, ancestral healing, cord cutting


Week 3 ~ Maiden, innocence, birth, menarche, vulva/yoni connection


Week 4 ~ Mother, pleasure, nurturing (giving/receiving), cervix connection


Week 5 ~ Maga, power, purpose, leadership, womb connection, voice activation


Week 6 ~ Closing ceremony, Munay Ki 13th Womb Rite, anchors & further visioning. 


Whatsapp/signal/telegram support for integration.

In love & devotion to your beauty, creativity & magic sister

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