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S O M A  S P A C E


next season begins Friday12th July 7-815am

Somatics is a language of love expressed through movement ~ the bodies wisdom & intelligence woven with the poetry & art of living to paint an inner moving landscape that carries into outer movement & expression


Each 75 minute class is a love letter to this human experience told through breathwork, meditation, guided movement, free-form movement, music, song & poetry....a love letter you get to bring alive through your own body, for you, for life. You don't have to have any experience in yoga or moveent practice & all abilities are welcome to experience the unique way live moves through each one of us. 

We get to unlearn and remember so much about ourselves, life and the universe through dropping into these rich conversation with the body/mind.

£10 drop in or £44 for a block of 5. Recordings sent immedietly after practice. 

I teach through the lens of traditional chinese medicine elemental theory in alignment with the outer seasons of the solar year.

Spring ~ Wood

Summer ~ Fire ~ seasons classes beginning live Friday12th July

Late Summer ~ Earth

Autumn ~ Metal

Winter ~ Water

Each element/season brings its own teachings through the body in their relationship to specific organs and pathways ... we dive into to embodied knowing of the elements, seasons & great cycles that weave us all through our practice.

Each 5 week block cycles through classes that touch to the energy of each season (all classes will include a bit of everything but we will hold the energy slightly differently as we cycle through the weeks of one season together.)

You can drop in or join for all 5 classes in a seasonal block to go deeper into the body, the teachings, the mystery.

WEEK 1 ~ Friday 12th July ~ Yin

WEEK 2 ~ Friday 19th July ~ Flow

WEEK 3 ~ Friday 26th July ~ Song

WEEK 4 ~ Friday 2nd August ~ Meditation

WEEK 5 ~ Friday ~ 9th August ~ Integration & community 

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