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W E   A R E   T H E 

intimate womben's retreat
held within the heart chakra of the planet 

meeting with the medicine of two exquisite amphibian teachers


a gentle but deep space to touch to & embody our true essence L O V E


Sister this space is a deep soul calling you will feel as an embodied yes. The space is woven from my own continued experiences; unraveling, deepening, expanding & coming hOMe to my TRUE self. All received through the grace of these exquisite plant & animal teachers that we are so blessed to know in this lifetime, in these times of radical change.


I offer you a gentle, deep, safe & feminine, container to release the internalised constructs of fear that are stopping you from experiencing yourself as the being of love, light & infinite potential that we all are. I say this in no light way, I know the darkness & the depths to which we must journey into ourselves to expand from. I hold space from that knowing. All of you is welcome here.


This container is for those of us ready to embody our truth & be the medicine, for ourselves, each other, our families and communities & the Earth, an acupuncture point of peace, a living prayer for the good of all life. being the good that comes not waiting for it to come, a joyous juicy dance of co-creation with the divine, who walks in grace through this life ready for its leaving. These medicines teach us the grace to move from this place, to integrate ourselves & experiences, to be the medicine.

This is deeply sacred work, we will be working with some incredibly potent allies. I will take 7 womBen on this sacred journey & pilgrimage. Please email me to register interest, I will contact you when I have confirmed dates. Please check the contraindications of kambo & whether or not you can receive at this time before booking.

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