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W O M B  S A D H A N A

online 1:2:1 womb embodiment classes 

deepen your connection with the intelligence of your sacred womb space

Siddhi ~ material, paranormal, supernatural, or otherwise magical powers, abilities, and attainments that are the products of yogic advancement through sadhanas such as meditation and yoga.


Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PHD author & teacher of YONI SHAKTI - THE MOVEMENT describes


~ the 8 feminine Siddhis ~


as seemingly purely biological functions of the body that are exclusively female


~ onset of menstruation at menarche

~ monthly lunar rhythm of menstrual cycles

~ female orgasm

~ pregnancy

~ miscarriage

~ labour and birth

~ lactation

~ menopause


In consciously recognising the exquisite intelligence of these hormonal, emotional & physical experiences of the female Siddhis, we open our capacity to experience them as spiritual initiations into power.


Womb Sadhana - Honouring the cycles & the body, heart & psyche of womban through embodied movement, breath, mudra, song & rest. A space to come home to yourself & drop into the vast intelligence of your feminine body. A space I hold with the deepest reverence for the mystery of WOMB-AN. With 1:2:1 support you will be guided through practices to support your unique body & journey into deeper intimacy IN-TO-ME-I-SEE with your sacred womb space. Whether you have a physical womb or not this practice is deeply enriching for the feminine body & psyche. AHHHH I treasure this time & space together soooo deeply, it is SUCH a profound honour to walk this spiral path of womb awakening with you sisters. 

Let's connect about a day & time that we can create this container for you. 

Or email me at

I send a short consultation to help me drop into your intentions & create the perfect class for your needs. Each class is 75 minutes. 1 off bookings ~ £22. Block of 4 classes ~ £80. Block of 6 classes ~ £100.


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