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1:2:1 K A M B O  C O N T A I N E R S


I invite you to the land of Mount Rose where I live & pray to receive deeply of the kambo medicine & a personalised ceremony where I can give you my full undivided presence, guidance & care.

We carve out 4-6 hours of time to dive deep into YOU. I hold space for conversation & enwuiry to innerstand the very core of where you are currently at & the very precise arrow of where you vision yourself & prayer to be moving within current cycles. 

We drop in with embodied movement & meditation, prayer with the fire & waters, sound bath & a sananga meditation before receiving kambo.


During your time with Kambo I can hold you so gently & deeply to meet your intentions FULLY & really rebirth yourself through the potency of the medicine. This is something I feel I can only offer through 1:2:1 undivided attention. Holding you to meet all the places of discomfort & resistance, gently applying more points or offering healing where needed throughout your process to guide you towards the new shors of your being with as much ease as possible. I more & more see the process of Kambo as a birthing process & am grateful for the opportunity to midwife you so intimately though that portal.


After your kambo ceremony I love to give space for plenty of rest, nourishing home-cooked organic local food, more rest, time with the land & giving back to the Earth.

P R I V A T E  C E R E M O N Y

A one off space to meet the very core of what you are currently sitting with, willing to shed & ready to step into.

A deep honouring of self & your journey through this life, marking a point of massive transformation & a new chapter moving forwards towards a fuller expression of your truth & the truth of love, integrating a cycle of teachings with embodied recalibration.

  • 1 x preparation call

  • 1 x private ceremony (including all the above)

  • 1 x integration call including suggested practices & lifestyle changes to support your continued embodiment of the teachings

£333 per person ~ £255 pre person in couple of group of 3 maximum

L U N A R  R E - S E T

Receiving the medicine 3 x over the course of one lunar cycle ~ starting with a ceremony close to the new moon, one around the full moon & the final before the following new moon. 

Working with the energies of the life - death - rebirth cycle that Grandmother moon evokes.

We enquire ~


what is alive ~ what are you visioning/calling in/

working/sitting with

what needs to die ~ shift/changed/grieved/released/felt/learned

what is now giving us life ~ what are we breathing life into/what i s the new anchor/commitment/timeline/what has been revealed

This is life changing work that will set you on a whole new trajectory, you get to show up  to embody the wild gifts kambo will offer you

  • 1 x preparation call

  • 3 x private ceremony (including all the above)

  • 3 x integration call including suggested practices & lifestyle changes to support your continued embodiment of the teachings

£822 per person ~ £711 per person in couple of group of 3 maximum

I work with on-going availability throughout the year, please email me or book a call below to discuss your desired timeline + availability to be in Cornwall for the ceremony.

You are SO welcome to stay over the night before or after ceremony in our roundhouse space. The space is a living & breathing healing, holding being & so many prayers for the good of all life are woven within her embrace. The space is simple, you bring bedding & fire wood, water & a compost loo are close by on the land & meals can be provided for you. 

Gifting yourself this integration time can be SO supportive to deepening the healing though time & space for insight & further unwinding of the nervous system + the longevity of the initial kambo afterglow effects. 

This is by donation per night, minimum £10.

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