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H O W  K A M B O  W O R K S

kambo warrior

Kambo is the secretion of the Giant Monkey Tree Frog (phylomedusa bicolor) of the Upper Amazon Basin.The frog uses the secretion primarily as sun protection, coating its skin in the waxy substance to protect it from drying out as it lives high up in the forest canopy, on tree branches. The secretion also acts as protection against predators, it is highly poisonous IF ingested, thus the frog has no natural predators.


In having no predators ~ through the emanation of the  Giant Monkey Tree Frog

we receive the beautiful teaching that ~


there is NO ENEMY there is NOTHING TO FEAR.


This is one beautiful transmission of the Spirit of this Medicine. 



The secretion is full of bioactive peptides, which can be defined as specific portions of proteins with 2 to 20 amino acids that have desirable biological activities, including analgesic (pain killing), antioxidant, anti-hypertensive, antithrombotic, anti-adipogenic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. These peptides are recognisable by the body at a cellular level. Our cells open to receive these life supporting peptides & in that any toxic residue held within the cells, that they have been unable to process & release by their own mechanisms, are flushed out into the blood & into the stomach.


The purge that Kambo induces is the release of these toxins. Kambo is a cellular level cleanse that changes the cellular memory & restores our cellular truth of harmony. Through this cellular level shift Kambo targets the root cause of any dis-ease in the body, regardless of how it is manifesting.


​Our cellular memory holds trauma, large unprocessed life events. This holding causes holding patterns in the body, emotions & in our life...that see us replaying the story of our trauma over & over reinforcing our belief in this way of seeing & being in the world, often this trauma is inherited, cultural, global as well as individual. ​Kambo cuts that loop by cleansing the memory & giving space for you to write a new story as it were.


Frogs are creatures of the land & water, kambo cleanses both the physical land of the body & the emotional waters of the body.​Kambo helps us return to an empowered state of living and learning through our bodies & through all that is manifesting in our lives, gifting us wild embodied shifts that really carry the frequency of miracle, mental clarity, increased vitality, deep remembrance & deepened capacity to hold & carry our prayer for the good of all life.

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