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G R O U P  C E R E M O N I E S

Cleansing Clarity Community

Receiving the medicine of Kambo in community is SUCH a beautiful experience of tribal remembrance. How we can come together in our vulnerability & power to move through collective imprints that do not serve. 

Receiving in a group can be deep nourishing medicine in & of itself to the western psyche so poisoned by hyper independence. The truth is we are truly here for each other, we truly are inter-dependant, we truly are a living, breathing ecosystem of humanity, we truly are one heart.

The group spaces I hold are small & intimate with a maximum of 6-8 people receiving depending on the themes/energies alive at the time. I offer a group integration call with all group ceremonies.

All group ceremonies are held in the roundhouse space on the land at Mount, Rose. We take time to drop into together as a group through gentle breathwork & meditation, sharing if that feels alive for you, prayers and song. The ceremony usually runs between 4-6 hours, including time to rest, share a delicious vegan, organic home cooked meal, give back to the earth & close space. You are welcome to rest in the roundhouse or on the land until you feel ready to make your way home.


I am also open to taking private group bookings if you wish to receive with your closest loved ones, I would be honoured to discuss this with you & create a space for you to hve this journey together. 

Ceremony & ritual are an important part of my practice & an important point of initiation & transformation for the psyche. We have had much of our traditional cultural rites of initiation buried beneath patriarchal concepts of capitalism, colonialism & mysogyny. The spaces I weave are a reclamation of our ancestral knowing that life is sacred, that our lives & our journeys through life are meaningful & powerful. Our stories are worth grieving & celebrating & through coming together in community to witness each other & life we get to learn, grow, heal, expand & come home to our truth which is love in beauty & joy.


This is the beauty way

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