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I N D I G E N O U S   A L L I A N C E

a prayer for justice


Although they comprise just 5% of our Earths population, indigenous peoples protect 80% of our biodiversity. We are tribal people at our roots & indigenous communities still live from this knowing, still live in a deep reciprocity with the Earth that we have long forgotten & are perhaps just starting to remember.


Their ways of living in harmony mean that all of live thrives. They are the best guardians of the natural world, but they experience appalling racism and genocidal violence. Their lands and resources are stolen for profit and their ways of life are being deliberately and systematically destroyed.

Wild Medicina supports Survival International who 'work in partnership with tribal peoples to campaign, lobby and protest for their land rights: investigate, expose and confront atrocities committed by governments and big business & amplify the tribal voice to make sure it is heard.' Please check out, share & support their work if you resonate with this commitment to walk in deeper alliance with our indigenous brothers & sisters.

Wild Medicina commits to sourcing medicines from the Amazon responsible & sustainably, through fair trade & being intimately aware of our supply chain. 

AYNI is a Quechua word from the people of the Andes - predominantly in Peru but also in Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and Argentina territories, it carries the frequency of reciprocity and can be literally translated as 'we are all one' - it is the only law that governs their communities, I feel it to be the only law needed to truly govern ones own life from the heart in harmony. Our events held under the name & vibration of AYNI intend to raise awareness of indigenous life & culture in thanks for the richness they are gifting our Earth & to honour the ongoing fight they face against genocide. 

G U A R D I A N S of the F O R E S T


Our first film screening & event 
November 2022

Sharing the story of the Maijuna tribe of the Peruvian Amazon & their ongoing over decade long fight to move illegal loggers off their land & their current protest against an illegal road being built through the heart of their ancestral land. The road threatens their lives, their way of life & the rich biodiversity of the land they are Guardians of. 

The event raised £256 & so much passion in the community to be aware of indigenous life & inspiration to stand in deeper alliance by whatever means felt possible for each individual. 

Thanks to One planet NGO for calling with us to help us understand more deeply the effects of the road & how we can help resist it & to Ananta Yoga Studio for hosting us. 


"Indigenous Peoples have a special relationship with the land on which they have lived for generations, sometimes for tens of thousands of years. They possess crucial knowledge about how to manage natural resources sustainably and act as guardians or custodians of the land for the next generation. Losing their land means a losing their way of living, their lives."


T H E   L A S T   F O R E S T

movie screening & intimate medicine music concert
March 26th 2023 6-9pm Ananta Yoga Studio, Newquay


The Yanomami people have lived on their land in northern Brazil and southern Venezuela for 1,000 years, predating the founding of both countries. Encroaching gold prospectors and mining endanger their current existence as increasing development presents a danger to both the people and the earth.

“The Last Forest” seamlessly intercuts daily life, with their current struggle which is now reported as a humanitarian crisis alongside with the Yanomamis’ reenactments of their myths.

50% of all profits donated to Survival International who are currently supporting the Yanomami through this crisis.

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