G U A R D I A N S of the F O R E S T


film screening & event to raise awareness of & funds for indigenous people fighting genocide

Sunday 27th November 5-830pm Ananta Yoga Studio Newquay

Although they comprise only 5% of the world’s population, Indigenous Peoples safeguard 80% of the planet’s biodiversity.


Indigenous Peoples have a special relationship with the land on which they have lived for generations, sometimes for tens of thousands of years. They possess crucial knowledge about how to manage natural resources sustainably and act as guardians or custodians of the land for the next generation. Losing their land means a losing their way of living, their lives.


This film is a shocking & inspiring reminder of our privilege & responsibility to be an ally to indigenous people & continue to decolonize our own minds & bodies

In association with & support of Survival International, One Planet NGO & FECONAMAI (federation of Maijuna Communities)

Film screening of Guardians of the Forest

The story of the Maijuna people fighting to protect their land, their lives & their culture in the age of capitalist, colonialist 'progression'


Interactive zoom call with Michael Gilmore of One Planet Productions, one of the creators of the film & longtime ally of the Maiyuna people


Intimate medicine music concert with songs inspired by the Spirit of the Forest

50% of proceeds to be donated to help protect indigenous people & amplify their voices

AYNI means to live in reciprocity, balance, right relationship


How can we walk in right relationship with the people who are safeguarding the lungs of our planet, the Amazon rainforest?


Lets learn & grow together



This event is a prayer that is so close to my heart that I feel called to share in this community of Newquay & Cornwall.

How can we stand by & allow in our lifetimes under our watch as Guardians of this sacred & beautiful planet the destruction of her natural places & resources & the murder of her people. 

The overwhelming grief I have felt in this life in my deep connection to the earth, feeling her pain as we take without giving or even thought, without thanks, without knowing, without reverence. We take in the name of the capitalist mans gOd ~ gold. We take to build an empire that is crushing the Earth & our spirits, that is disconnecting us from our own truth as well as the truth of this planet & existence which is abundance. 

This is a sickness of heart, body, mind & spirit ~ that ironically the Earth medicines of the Amazon remedy. As we tear down this forest, the lungs of our planet, in a time when a dis-ease is plaguing our lungs, her medicines are travelling, touching many hearts & lives. 

It is these medicines that have brought me to embody my prayer in this lifetime. Brought me to call us to pray together through education, discussion & receiving the beauty transmission of the plants through song. 

In love & devotion


Indigenous ally
Amazon rainforest conservation