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Light flavour but potent uplifting medicine from the beautiful and serendipitous island of Sri Lanka.


The story of how this cacao came to be is woven with medicine wisdom, genrational healing & land regenration.


From the growers themselves :


In 1990, we stumbled upon this opportunity to work with a phenomenal tea garden in Haputale, Sri Lanka. It was an estate in need of love; and was also about the same time that we were determined to return to farming and doing it organically.


We were inspired by how our grandparents lived – very healthy and well. Their lifestyle was simple and Mother Nature provided them in abundance for all of their needs. It was a great sustainable way of life.

Nostalgic, having grown up in tea gardens and being descendents of these people, we set foot on Greenfield in 1990 as a personal odyssey to transform it into a sustainable organic oasis and paint its people with smiles. We suddenly found ourselves part of a huge family and laid out a few principles we would work on


  • ethical to its people (fair pay)
  • organic to its land (no chemicals)
  • sustainable to the environment through regenerative organic farming (and zero carbon foot print)

Our landscape is by no means dreamy verdant carpets of tea, but a forest garden juxtaposed by huge boulders with zero carbon footprint. Tall forest trees protrude providing shade and ensuring moist fertile soil. Our soil is constantly fed with organic compost and our top soil protected. Our cloud forests pander to the endemic Sri Lankan leopard and all of the realms of this natural kingdom. Our people are paid fair and our children educated. This is the essence of Greenfield Estate today!


Our journey still trends on serving you with ethical, fair and regenerative organic produce.


The cacao was originally heavily processed and sold to the chocolate industry but upon awakening to this gift from Mother Earth we learned how to ferment & grind the cacao beans to make ceremonial cacao. We are grateful to have healed & be healing with the land & Earth. Viva Medicina


 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


These lands of Sri Lanka became home to me personally in 2016 during some of the most radically transformative years of my life. I met the medicines for the first time here, Cacao, Blue Lotus, Artemesia, Grandmother & Kambo ... these lands birthed me as a medicine womban, prayer carrier & woke up my voice & heart songs. I began serving at the altar of Kambo & Grandmother in Sri Lanka & I met my twin flame there. Those lands woke up my awakening & my homelands of Scotland & UK rooted it.


These lands have sparked a deeper awakening in me this last cycle 2023-2024 & I am feeling beyond honoured to carry medicines from her heart to yours here in UK. Blue Lotus & Cacao ... carrying the potent, transformational, karmic & lightening awakening medicine of Mama Sri Lanka herself.


A land & people ravaged by colonialism, war & natural disaster...a land & a people fearless in love, community, wildness, regeneration & devotion. A land & people that I will contnue to be moved & inspired by throughut my walk in this life, a land & a peaople I will pray for as long as I have breathe, a land & a people whose voice I wish to amplify & support in knowing itself as whole. 


5% of profits from the sale of this medicine will support the HOW WE GROW FOUNDATION ~ based in the South coast of Sri Lanka, thi snon-profit seeks to create local solutions to local need through a multicultural comunity sharing tools, resource, wisdon, support in the ethos of neighbourly love that is SO a part of Sri Lankan culture. Recent campaigns have supported local school children from impoverished fishing communties to receive school equipment & a tea morning for preganat women in local communties to support each other plus receive basic household rations that will take the pressure of household income for a few months during pregnancy.





Sri Lanka ~ Ceremonial Cacao

Price Options
One-time purchase
rituals (monthly)
cacao, ritualistic gift & meditation
£22.00every month until canceled
  • 18-22g care

    22-28g ceremony


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